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John Kinsella

It's easy to say Brendan has been a pleasure to work with, because he has — diligent, committed, and genuinely supportive of his authors. But what matters most to me is that he cares about the works he represents, and takes that step into the unknown with them, feeling each moment of their arrival in the world along with their authors. He cares, and believes.

—John Kinsella, Poet, Playwright and Author

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Ean Higgins

Brendan Fredericks is a class act when it comes to publicists. He got me an extraordinary amount of top level interviews and coverage for my book The Hunt for MH370, juggling a great range of demands with professionalism and efficiency. Brendan is also a top guy, thoroughly honest, ethical and eager to get the best results for all.

—Ean Higgins, Senior Reporter, The Australian

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Raymond E. Feist

Brendan Fredericks provides a wealth of promotional and publicity opportunities nationally and locally as needed in Australia and will ensure the best possible experience for a book launch a writer could desire.

—Raymond E. Feist, The Magician

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Nick Earls

In an era when it’s no easy thing to get a book attention, working with Brendan Fredericks on Wisdom Tree was the first time I’ve ever had to beg a publicist to slow down and make me do less, so that I could make sure my family still knew me and my life wasn’t all festivals and interviews. He got the project so much coverage, the media reports started talking about how much coverage I was getting. All this because of a smart plan of his, executed with relentless energy and purpose.

—Nick Earls, Zigzag Street, Wisdom Tree: Five Novellas

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Steve Bisley

As the BEST Author’s publicist going around, I want Brendan Fredericks to work with me on every book I manage to finish! He is a pure delight.

—Steve Bisley, Actor and Author, Stillways, All the Burning Bridges

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Matt Noffs

I’ve truly never worked with someone who has so much energy, creativity and commitment to promoting authors. Brendan doesn’t live in our world. Some might call it ADHD, but I call it a blessing for those who don’t settle for second best. He’s going to bust his guts for you.

—Matt Noffs, CEO of the Noffs Foundation, Co-Founder of Street Universities, Author, Breaking the Ice, Addicted?

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Alex Mackay

The publicity tour that Brendan organised for me with Bloomsbury Australia was brilliant. From national television and radio to print media, blogs, webchats, a sit down dinner for 60, canapes based on the book, demonstrations, and anything that could connect readers and cooks to my book, I had the most exciting tornado of  a book tour that I could have dreamed of. Brendan was organised, professional, tough when he needed to be, fun to be around, and an excellent eating partner (which counts for a lot to a food writer). He even helped me prepare the food for one of my television slots and washed up afterwards! Brendan and Bloomsbury got weeks worth of publicity and events into days. I can’t recommend him highly enough. One tip, start a swear box as soon as you meet him, and Brendan will supply you with enough money to buy him a thankyou dinner!

—Alex Mackay, Alex Mackay’s Cookbook for Everybody Everyday

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Tim Cope

For authors who have toiled with blood sweat and tears to reach the point of publication, the road to then getting the book out is always a long one, and there is nothing worse than the heartache caused by a lack lustre campaign... but there is light at the end of that tunnel, and it is Brendan Fredericks. 

Speaking from my own experience, Brendan goes far beyond his duty to champion his authors and is not prepared to have the work pigeon-holed at any stage. During the untold interviews, festivals, and other events that he set up for me, I felt that he had lined up journalists and event hosts who not only were able to broadcast my story to the public effectively, but who understood and appreciated my book and what I had to say. I noticed that festival directors, radio and TV producers, and editors, all listened keenly to Brendan's opinion and had a deep respect for him. Part of Brendan's quality is his vision, his willingness to aim high and think big, and never say die, but also his acute skill in connecting people, whether it be fellow authors, producers, or the waiter behind the bar. 

It has left me with the deep impression that Brendan is, by a country mile the most dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate, genuine and effective publicist of any kind that I have worked with. Whilst not to make light of that statement, I would also like to say he makes one great friend, and an expert dog handler! And lastly, I can't stress enough that Brendan listens, and is forever open, never one to roll the eyes at the suggestion of a new pie in the sky idea - and this creates the impression that for him, books, stories and people, are his way of life, and not just a job.

—Tim Cope, On the Trail of Genghis Khan

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A.C. Grayling

Brendan is the best publicity person I've ever worked with. He arranges amazing programmes for one's books, and is a great companion and advisor on the road.

—A.C. Grayling, The God Argument

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Robyn Davidson

When I first met Brendan Fredericks, he jittered with an enthusiasm so intense I thought he must be a coke head. But I soon realised that's just how he is. Naturally. Like he’s wedged his finger in an electric socket. I also realised that he was the best publishing PR person I had EVER dealt with. Brendan loves literature, therefore he also loves, (and understands) the people who make it. But it wasn't just the enthusiasm and energy that made him so valuable to me. It was his organisational abilities, the way he could get things up and moving, his commitment and dedication to the job, the fact that he was always ’there’. I shall miss him very much. I know that whatever he does, whether working in the publishing industry or out of it, he will bring those qualities to bear, and be an invaluable asset.

—Robyn Davidson, Tracks

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Porochista Khakpour

Brendan Fredericks is the greatest publicist I have ever met in my life—and I have worked with several as an author at various publishing houses and as a journalist at various publications. I am not alone in this—many writers, including those who haven't even worked with him, know this or know of this. He is known in our circles as 'the rockstar publicist' and for good reason. He is a powerhouse! He made my Australian book tour the best experience of my life—and that includes meticulous correspondence many months in advance and then world-class treatment at the actual festivals and events. Brendan was always at my side not just because he had to be but because I wanted him to be—how rare that a publicist is not just an advocate and a representative, but a true friend! Brendan gets artists and creative types because I am convinced that deep down he is one! His combination of unstoppable energy, off-the-charts enthusiasm, boundless kindness, incredible book and street smarts made him an indispensable part of my life in the last year, and I hope beyond. I count myself as one of the luckiest writers on earth to have crossed paths with such a legendary human!

—Porochista Khakpour, The Last Illusion

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Damian Barr

Brendan—call me Brendo—made every door in Sydney open when I was over for SWF. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. He launched my memoir two years ago securing a major national serial and strong reviews.  When I arrived for SWF nearly two years later he got me on ABC nationally and locally which meant my events sold out and I sold loads of books. He balanced my schedule and made sure I wasn’t frazzled and always had a coffee to counter jetlag.

—Damian Barr, Maggie & Me

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Mitchell S. Jackson

I’ve known plenty of publicists and I must say (must as in it is a necessity) that Brendan Fredericks is A-1. He advocates and advocates for his authors, knows everyone worth knowing, and gets results - the reviews, the features, the international literary festival bookings - every author I know covets. To top it off, he makes sure all is well whenever he accompanies you in the world. Any scribbler that gets the chance to work with him should seize it light speed.

—Mitchell S. Jackson, The Residue Years

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Favel Parrett

I was lucky enough to have Brendan Fredericks as the publicist of my debut novel, Past the Shallows. He is one of the most passionate publicists I have ever met, and his level of author care is incredible. He makes the sometimes difficult job of book promotion (interviews, events, public speaking, festivals) less stressful and more fun. I always felt totally taken care of and in good hands. Brendan put me at ease and allowed me to shine, and his hard work helped Past the Shallows become a success.

I was devastated when he left Hachette and it is always so lovely to see him at writers festivals and events. I’d love work with him again one day.

—Favel Parrett, Past the Shallows

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Mira Jacob

Let’s say you find yourself out in the world with book: Brendan Fredericks is the man you want by your side. Not only can you trust him to get the word about your lifework, you can trust him to get you from interviews to appearances to the last clean bathroom in 40 miles with unflappable charm. It’s not often that business-smarts and street-smarts come from the same individual, but Brendan is exactly that rare bird.

—Mira Jacob, The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing

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Elizabeth Gilbert

I would be remiss not to take the time to sing Brendan’s praises, once more. We all know that we adore him because he is such a delight of a boy, but there is far more to that charming boy than meets the eye, and I've really been able to see it more clearly on this trip. 

Not only is he brilliant, well-read, and hardworking, but his skills with people go beyond anything I've ever seen. Traveling from festival to festival with him over these last 6 weeks, I have yet to see Brendan encounter a single human being whom he cannot immediately figure out how manage—from the prickly and entitled, to the sensitive and needy, to the aggressive, to the shy, to the outrageously drunk, to the petulantly vegan, to downright bastards and bitches. He possesses a sort of gentle emotional kung-fu that he puts to use on people swiftly, making each new person relax into trusting him within moments... and then they just want to work with him, not against him. And I mean EACH person—festival directors, publishing executives, TV producers, hotel concierges, literary celebrities, taxi drivers, waiters, airport personnel, and the guy selling coffee at 5am. 

As such, Brendan cuts a swath of ease through the world—and I honestly think it's just because he genuinely likes everyone he meets, and wants to see the only best in them. Therefore, they show him their best. What a power that is! There's a deep ethical goodness in Brendan that goes far beyond mere friendliness.  (Not only does he not gossip about anyone, for instance, but he will shut down the gossip of others by gently but firmly saying, 'Well, my experience with her is that she's wonderful,' or 'Please don't tell me bad things about people I've never met before—I would so much rather come to know them on my own, without prejudice.') And that goodness and decency inspires all of us to want to please him, and act like better people around him, which means that there is never any drama in Brendan-world. Better still, it also means that he convinces everyone (myself very much included) to work a lot harder and work a lot more cheerfully than we might otherwise have done. It's wonderful to watch, and wonderful to be swept up in.

Brendan is a treasure. My own warmest conviction is that he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY is a treasure.

—Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

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