Agency & Management 

The great success our Brendo had at Hachette Australia proves that Australia is a great country—because any buggah can crawl out of the woodwork and make it. But seriously: after two Aussie tours with Brendo, I can only say he makes the rest of the world look sloppy and half-arsed. There’s nobody in any other country who can touch him for efficiency, focused energy, and that half-crim smile of his. He’s a true wonder, and I know I am not the only one who thinks of him not just as a professional acquaintance, but a true friend.

—Jeff Lindsay, Dexter series


BFredericksPR offers extensive knowledge and experience of the literary and entertainment industry, and a keen understanding of the current publishing climate. 

·      Offers solid advice on the commercial viability and potential markets for your work

·      Collaborates with a team of experts to prepare your manuscript, film or theatrical script, or book proposal for presentation to publishers 

·      Represents your interests to publishers, producers, event curators and directors

·      Secures the best contractual terms including film, translation, audio, serial and electronic book rights 

·      Collects all monies due to their clients, examines royalty statements and processes payments

·      Troubleshoots every aspect of your publication and promotional experience 


Your request for agency representation should include key information of your book—a synopsis of no more than 500 words which covers genre, style and themes, and 50 words about yourself. Please provide clear and succinct information so we can provide informed advice about the viability of your project and if it is a good fit for BFredericksPR.