Robyn Davidson

When I first met Brendan Fredericks, he jittered with an enthusiasm so intense I thought he must be a coke head. But I soon realised that's just how he is. Naturally. Like he’s wedged his finger in an electric socket. I also realised that he was the best publishing PR person I had EVER dealt with. Brendan loves literature, therefore he also loves, (and understands) the people who make it. But it wasn't just the enthusiasm and energy that made him so valuable to me. It was his organisational abilities, the way he could get things up and moving, his commitment and dedication to the job, the fact that he was always ’there’. I shall miss him very much. I know that whatever he does, whether working in the publishing industry or out of it, he will bring those qualities to bear, and be an invaluable asset.

—Robyn Davidson, Tracks

David HenleyAuthor