Tim Cope

For authors who have toiled with blood sweat and tears to reach the point of publication, the road to then getting the book out is always a long one, and there is nothing worse than the heartache caused by a lack lustre campaign... but there is light at the end of that tunnel, and it is Brendan Fredericks. 

Speaking from my own experience, Brendan goes far beyond his duty to champion his authors and is not prepared to have the work pigeon-holed at any stage. During the untold interviews, festivals, and other events that he set up for me, I felt that he had lined up journalists and event hosts who not only were able to broadcast my story to the public effectively, but who understood and appreciated my book and what I had to say. I noticed that festival directors, radio and TV producers, and editors, all listened keenly to Brendan's opinion and had a deep respect for him. Part of Brendan's quality is his vision, his willingness to aim high and think big, and never say die, but also his acute skill in connecting people, whether it be fellow authors, producers, or the waiter behind the bar. 

It has left me with the deep impression that Brendan is, by a country mile the most dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate, genuine and effective publicist of any kind that I have worked with. Whilst not to make light of that statement, I would also like to say he makes one great friend, and an expert dog handler! And lastly, I can't stress enough that Brendan listens, and is forever open, never one to roll the eyes at the suggestion of a new pie in the sky idea - and this creates the impression that for him, books, stories and people, are his way of life, and not just a job.

—Tim Cope, On the Trail of Genghis Khan

David HenleyAuthor