Brendan Fredericks looks after authors like no one on earth #kingofauthorcare

Alexandra Pringle, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomsbury Publishing


BFredericksPR thinks big and aims high to reach the greatest audience. The agency director, Brendan Fredericks, brings great national and international respect for his work, extensive relevant networks, and a professional, creative, results oriented approach.

BFredericksPR’s dynamic bespoke publicity campaigns include:

  • comprehensive press releases

  • extensive print and digital media coverage including feature articles, interviews, television and radio appearances

  • well managed and exciting stand alone events and associated publicity

  • sophisticated author tours

  • collaborations with writers, ideas, and music festivals throughout Australia and Internationally

Brendan is the point of contact and liaison between authors, publishers, directors and producers, as well as journalists, booksellers, and readers. A regular campaign update is provided to BFredericksPR’s primary client and other stakeholders as required.


Publishers & Authors

BFredericksPR requires a 4–5 month lead-time for all publicity projects.

Please provide the media release, blurb, or title information sheet, and publication date.

Publishers are welcome to contact BFredericksPR if there is a shorter lead-time. Projects will be discussed and considered on a case-by-case basis.

BFredericksPR will not take on campaigns for already published and promoted books. If your book is already released and has been promoted by a publisher or another publicity agency we are unable to take on your project.

Self-Published Authors

Please submit a request for a quote. Your submission should include key information of your book—a synopsis of no more than 500 words which covers genre, style and themes, the publication date, book cover, book distributor, and 50 words about yourself. Please provide clear and succinct information so we can provide informed advice about the viability of your project and if it is a good fit for BFredericksPR.

Fees and costs

A quote can be provided on request for a detailed media campaign strategy.

Payment of campaign fee is 50% on commencement and 50% on completion.