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Wild Dingo Press, Publisher

Brendan has been invaluable to Wild Dingo Press' growth over the past two years. He understood the different publicity needs of our various authors and books, and tailored campaigns to them accordingly. He loves literature, and propels our books into the world with all of the (considerable) skills, connections, passion, energy and enthusiasm he can muster. His work has made our small press more visible, through the reviews, radio, TV and festivals he has been able to secure for us. He is a dream to work with.

—Cathi Lewis, Publisher, Wild Dingo Press

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Blackwell & Ruth, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve had the great pleasure to work with Brendan on a number of cookbook campaigns, and he is without doubt one of the best there is.  Hard working, professional, incredibly effective, not to mention an absolute delight to work with. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

—Ruth Hobday, Editor-in-Chief, Blackwell & Ruth

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Griffith Review, Publisher and Founding Editor

Brendan Fredericks is a highly engaged and effective publicist. He loves writing, writers and ideas and does all he can to connect them with readers. He has done a great job for Griffith Review in recent years, each edition requires a different approach, something he has enthusiastically embraced.

—Julianne Schultz AM FAHA, Publisher and Founding Editor, Griffith Review

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Audible, Senior Brand Manager

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Brendan on the publicity of Audible Originals over the past 18 months. In that time, Brendan’s passion and enthusiasm for great storytelling and his commitment to delivering strong results has resulted in impressive media coverage for Audible.

Brendan has a deep understanding of what will resonate with media and he has the relationships required to secure major print and broadcast opportunities that drive business growth. I would highly recommend Brendan Fredericks for any publishing or entertainment publicity.

—Mel Gompes, Senior Brand Manager, Audible

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Echo Publishing, Publisher

Brendan Fredericks is organised, communicative and intelligent, and he has incredible relationships with media and festivals. He brings unparalleled passion and warmth to the publicity process, and his author care is second to none. It’s a delight to work with him.

—Angela Meyer, Publisher, Echo Publishing, Bonnier Zaffre

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Pan Macmillan Australia, Non-fiction Publisher

Brendan Fredericks has run media campaigns for two of my books—one current affairs and one self-help. In both cases—and across these very different categories—he produced flawless campaigns. Both authors made a point of talking to me about the quality of his communication and the strength of his commitment to them and to their work. Brendan is proof that with enough passion, drive and creativity you can still run a stellar traditional media campaign in this country, despite the rapidly changing media landscape.

—Ingrid Ohlsson, Director, Non-fiction Publishing Pan Macmillan Australia

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Hachette Australia, Publisher

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Brendan Fredericks and have seen his passion for books, the care with which he looks after authors and the great publicity results he delivers first hand. His work ethic is astounding and his humour and good nature make him a joy to work with. Publishing is a small world and I hope one day to work with Brendan again as he is, quite simply, one of the best.

—Vanessa Radnidge, Publisher Hachette Australia

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Inkerman & Blunt, Publisher

Brendan Fredericks is a babushka. Gregarious, effusive, friendly on the outside, he is the party you want a publicist to be. On the inside he is layers of vision and intelligence, passion, excitement and loyalty, when promoting a book he knows no bounds. And right at the heart of him stands the archer, tall and calm and taking aim, and when he shoots it’s strategic, elegant, and hits the target every time. This is the babushka every publisher wants in their pocket.

—Donna Ward, Publisher, Inkerman & Blunt

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Orion, Sales and Marketing Director

When I needed to employ a publicist someone said take a look at this bloke, he's clever, he is so so keen. In walked Brendan, upside-down hair, jiggling, dark suit, engaging smile and unbridled enthusiasm, a passion for books that was immediately impressive. The success of Orion books in Australia, in particular Gollancz, was in no small part due to Brendo and his championing of books and of authors. He was a great asset, a creative publicist, a situation rectifier and a man who got things done. He never let me or our authors down professionally or personally. He's top shelf.

—Sandy Weir, Orion Sales and Marketing Director (2006–2009)

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