CHRIS FLYNN is an author, columnist and critic. His earlier novels were The Glass Kingdom and A Tiger in Eden, which was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize. He curated a suite of Aboriginal Australian stories for McSweeney’s, and has conducted interviews for The Paris Review. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Age, The Australian, Griffith Review, Meanjin, Australian Book Review, The Saturday Paper, Smith Journal, The Big Issue, Monster Children and many other publications. He is a regular presenter at literary festivals across Australia. The Daily Telegraph once described him as the lovechild of Irvine Welsh and Elizabeth Gilbert. Chris lives next to a penguin sanctuary on Phillip Island.

Find him at, or on Instagram @flythefalcon

David HenleyChris Flynn
Matt Noffs

MATT NOFFS is the author of two best selling books, Breaking the Ice and Addicted? CO-founder of The Street Universities, CEO of the Ted Noffs Foundation and one of the first advocates of pill testing in Australia.

Matt is on Twitter @mattnoffs and has over 11k followers. His websites are:, and He lives in Sydney.

David HenleyMatt Noffs
Brentley Frazer

BRENTLEY FRAZER is an Australian author whose poems, prose and academic papers have been published in numerous national and international anthologies, journals, magazines and other periodicals since 1992. He holds a MA (writing) from James Cook University and a PhD (experimental creative non-fiction) from Griffith University. He is also a lecturer at Griffith University and the editor-in-chief of Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters. His first book, a novelised memoir, Scoundrel Days (UQP, 2017) was described as "a gritty, Gen-X memoir, recounting wild escapades into an under-culture of drugs and violence and sex” (ABC Radio National). The Australian newspaper compared Frazer's ability to shock, surprise and unsettle with that of Marcel Duchamp, concluding: "This is dirty realism at its dirtiest”. He lives in Brisbane.

Darius Ronayne-Mahony

DARIUS RONAYNE-MAHONY. Childhood by Mosman, adulthood by Redfern. Darius works in the bowels of a large multinational, and moonlights as a Muay Thai and boxing instructor. He’s suited up in a variety of skins—cook, basketball coach, underground techno purveyor, internet radio jock, online gamer, traveller, word peddler—and is a hopeless addict to great storytelling, across all platforms: books, gaming, cinema, sport, television, whatever. Darius is currently working on a noir novel set in France and taking off to Thailand when he should be writing the second instalment in the Law of Chaos trilogy. He lives in Newtown, Sydney